Generell Q&A

Can I purchase Bonimedics products at a pharmacy in my area?

Our products may only be purchased on our website (‬.

Is your product covered by insurance?

Bonimedics does not submit insurance claims, but you can contact your insurance for possible reimbursement.

Can I pay without a credit card?

No, unfortunately cash payments are not possible.

Do any of the Bonimedics products work on acne scars?

Patients are reporting impressive results using Pro-Sil for acne scars. They are experiencing reduced redness, as well as a reduction in the severity of pitting, and an overall improvement in the complexion of areas affected by acne scarring.

How soon will I see improvement in the appearance of my scar?

Many patients notice improvement within one to two weeks of proper use. However, every scar responds differently and especially older scars may take longer before you notice improvement.

Can Bonimedics products be used while out in the sun?

Only Pro-Sil SPF has an SPF protection. Other products such as Epi-Derm does not have SPF protection; it’s best to remove it before prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Do not use sunblock underneath Bonimedics products.

Hur länge håller plåstret?

När gelplåstret har applicerats på ärret kan det användas i 1-2 veckor. När det börjar förlora sitt fäste, eller när smuts blir svårt att ta bort med ordentlig daglig tvätt, är det dags att byta ut det.

Are there any Safety concerns with Bonimedic products?

As with any topical device applied directly to the skin, there is always potential for contact dermatitis (rash). If this occurs, discontinue use of any Bonimedic product.