BoniMedics partners with scar treatment pioneer, Biodermis® to bring Patented Pro-Sil® to Northern Europe

Bonimedics (a subsidiary company of StartUpPharma Int. AB) responds to a gap in the availability of quality, medical-grade silicone scar treatment options in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland by partnering with the US-based Biodermis.

Established in 1988, Biodermis has been recognized for its innovative contributions to the scar management industry for over 30 years. BoniMedics is introducing Pro-Sil, in 4.25g and 17g sticks, as well as Pro-Sil with SPF-15 in both sizes. Additionally, Epi-Derm silicone sheeting and Epifoam compression foam will also be offered. 

Pro-Sil is revolutionary in its niche market of convenient, silicone-based scar care options because of its proprietary solid stick formulation. Pro-Sil’s patented, high silicone content stick formulation has proven itself in clinical trials as equally effective to gel products like Biodermis’ own Epi-Derm silicone sheeting. Pro-Sil is the only patented silicone therapy product available in a solid stick.

Medical grade silicone effectively provides a fully-encapsulating healing environment for scar tissue and allows the ideal concentration of oxygen and moisture at the scar site. Silicone also provides smooth, even coverage across the scar and surrounding healthy tissue area. These factors help to keep the scar tissue pliable, allowing it to blend more completely with surrounding healthy tissue. The end result is a much-improved scar that has a smoother, flatter appearance, and a more natural skin tone. 

“This agreement with Biodermis will ensure the availability of genuine Silikon-line products in Northern Europe. BoniMedics has an outstanding track record in the pharmaceutical & medical device arena, but what’s more, is the foundation of our relationship with Biodermis founder Dr Jeff Schleuning with whom We have maintained a successful relationship for over a decade. We are confident in our ability to promote proven line of medical scar care solutions while upholding a high standard of customer service,” says Hamid Bakhshi, M Sci Pharmacy, Managing Partner, Bonimedics.

With a focus on its ongoing and developing partnership with Biodermis, BoniMedics expects to expand on their scar management offerings and explore new markets under their umbrella organization StartUpPharma Int. AB, throughout 2021.

BoniMedics, formed in 2020, is driven by over a decade of extensive experience in the medical device sales and distribution arena in the Nordics and Middle East. We are committed to providing quality and clinically proven products to help in the treatment and management of scars and related dermatology issues as well as exclusive cosmetics & food supplement. BoniMedics can be reached online at or by phone at +46 (8) 604 48 88.